I attended the 3 day Birmingham workshop with Nik Pekridis. Nik took us
from concept to shoot, discussing lighting, composition posing and more.
Nik is great at getting concepts and ideas across and answered any
questions. I feel like I have enough material to practice for a long while
to come and already my photography has jumped to a new level. Training
with the best instructors is the quickest way to get ahead in photography
and Nik is one of the best. - Martin Castein

Nik, I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the wonderful workshop you presented in San Antonio this weekend.  As a professional wedding photographer myself, I came to the workshop expecting to learn new tips and techniques to help my images.  What I came away with, however, was so much more!  Your insights into workflow, marketing and the general business aspects of wedding photography will transform my studio.  I am so excited to see my wedding photography business from an entirely new perspective.  Thank you! I hope to keep in touch and see you when you come this way again.  Stay safe in your travels. Very best regards, Tony - Strictly Art Photography – Tony Gatlin

Guys and gals I have been on one of Niks workshops and all I will say, it was amazing. He really opened my eyes and re motivated me. I personally took so much back with me and have applied his skills that he has show me. My photography improved and my confidence with clients. He will teach you so much like how to see light and get the best out of any location. If you are looking to go on a workshop THIS is the one. You will love it and learn so much Amazing bud peeps you all really need to get ya self on this workshop I have said it many times Nik is amazing and he will inspire YOU to be the best. I have been on his workshop and I will say over night my photography and editing skill improved. Don't miss out get your name down - Paul Tak

Nik Pekridis is the "real deal," an artist with his camera. He's down to earth, very approachable, and gives terrific tips you will use for years. I liked the presentation sessions as much as the shooting set-ups. It's obvious he loves his craft, inherited perhaps from generations of photographers in his family. And, he's a nice person as well. Very useful, inspirational, and enjoyable! - Peter Johnson