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a pre-wedding in Mykonos island !

Every year i 'm getting few inquiries for photo session at Greek islands.One of my favourite place to shot is Mykonos island. So when i had the email from Ayisha i booked my flights and be there last September.The couple was originally from Fidji islands and they both worked in Uk but they choose Mykonos for their pre-wedding session. Enjoy :) [...]

wedding of Vivi and Petros -a next shooting in Venice

Petros and Vivi came to my studio with her sister so they book their both weddings at once....I 'd love to have weddings into same family cause after the first one you know the people better became friend and you feeling more comfortable and enjoy. At the other hand you need -specially- when the 2 weddings are very close in time and at the same location to be[...]

Vadim & Jesicca.... a wedding in New Jersey,NY

Another one full album from a couple i met in New York.Jesicca and Vadim booked me almost a year ago before their wedding and really i grab the chance to shot their wedding in my favorite city. A Jewish ceremony and a great party plus lots of moments from their special day choosen from them to print and bind this stylish wedding album ! Print is matter and you cant [...]

Zoi + Apostolos " a wedding in Lagonisi"

Zoi and Apostolos email me couple weeks before their wedding last summer and we met in Larissa area.... We talked about their plans for the wedding and they seems so excite about it. Finally they agree to book me 2 weeks :) before their wedding day and lucky for all i was still available. The wedding was at Grand Resort Lagonisi resort and me with my second shooter[...]

Elli & Adam "a wedding in Parga"

Another one loveable couple another 2 new friends another one beautiful wedding album. Its funny but this last year i am keep posting full wedding albums like the couple get it....Not few images but a full 38 double pages album who will belong to the family and the upcoming generations. The wedding happens near Parga,Greece and we spend the day after the wedding for[...]

George and Georgia...a destination wedding....

I met George and Georgia couple years ago when they was koubaroi (best man & maid of honour) to one of my first destination weddings i did Cyprus...on 2010. So when they email me couple months ago and they ask me to do their wedding in Alexandroupolis and their "next day shooting" in Cyprus i did 'nt second thought. We had a quick agreement and that's it :)[...]

my editorial fashion wedding dress shoot in Corfu island

I love what i do.....i love the beauty the glamourous and the happiness.For me this is a description of the wedding.... And not only...all about wedding give me this feelings. So when i had the invitation from Sensoria brides attelier and Kamelia Andrioti to shoot her wedding dress collection i agreed without a second though and stay at Marbella hotel in Corfu for 2[...]

why some photographers are more expensive ?

I ve heard this question so many times in my life....Not only about my proffesion but everywhere.In many aspects of our lives. Why this shoes cost more ? why this dress is more expensive ? why this parfume cost double that the other one ? etc etc Actually there is so many elements who can create a "price". If i need to talk about wedding photography and the prices [...]

Master photographer

When i submite first time to an international competition 5 years ago never imagine this result. Really a dream come true and i feel so honor and happy that i am achived master degree to wppiwppi.One of the most prestige and the most famous photographic organization of the world.Wppi is based in USA and running succesfully the last 35 years.So to achived a master and[...]

a really cool wedding in Athens-an award winning wedding album

It was 2 or 3 years ago when Nikos get married and i was photographed his wedding.So when his big brother decide last year to get married as well he called me and we planned all the details about it.Michael Bassiakos was the cinematographer and we worked together for the first time there. My brother was the second shooter and our assighment was to create an album tim[...]