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shoes....for brides

yes you can found some very interesting collection of different links and ideas about shoes for your special wedding day.[...]

honeymoon travel destinations

    One of the fun parts of the wedding is the honeymoon  travel... Most of the couples can't wait to relax after the wedding day in a luxury romance or urban destination usually far away from their place. Fiji,Hawai or Carribean for Europeans and Paris,Rome or Santorini and Mykonos for Americans sounds like a dreamy destination who want to s[...]

tips and tricks for a successful make up for the wedding day

Use a moisturizer first. Moisturizer actually reduces the amount of oil your skin produces. If you’re a bride, avoid one with SPF as it will cause you to look shiny in flash photography. That goes for any product you use that day. Use a primer before your foundation. This will make your foundation stay in place longer. I always use a little bit of powder over m[...]

The 10 commandments for brides about wedding photography :)

Of course all of those reflect only our personal opinion and you can get them in serious or laugh :) 1)Dear brides...TRUST your photographer when he tells you about hair,make up,venue,wedding dress etc. You know we did so many weddings all these years and our experience about all of the above can only compare with a very good wedding planner.You will get married[...]