George and Georgia...a destination wedding....

I met George and Georgia couple years ago when they was koubaroi (best man & maid of honour) to one of my first destination weddings i did Cyprus...on 2010. So when they email me couple months ago and they ask me to do their wedding in Alexandroupolis and their "next day shooting" in Cyprus i did 'nt second thought. We had a quick agreement and that's it :)[...]

my editorial fashion wedding dress shoot in Corfu island

I love what i do.....i love the beauty the glamourous and the happiness.For me this is a description of the wedding.... And not only...all about wedding give me this feelings. So when i had the invitation from Sensoria brides attelier and Kamelia Andrioti to shoot her wedding dress collection i agreed without a second though and stay at Marbella hotel in Corfu for 2[...]

Yesin and Savas -one day in Las Vegas

When i was in Las Vegas invited to judge and speak into wppi i had the pleasure to photographed one of my friends from Turkey with his wife on their honeymoon trip.My very good friend Salvadore Dimino from Italy shoot next to me and helps me on this session.

Nikos + Maria "a June wedding in Thessaloniki"

Nikos and Maria came to my studio and instandly i felt that is "my bride" She knwe exactly what she looking for and she had trust me from the first moment. So when their wedding day came everything was planned ahead and went perfect.We enjoy a lot the wedding day and also the post wedding shot in near Chalkidiki. The wedding dress design belongs to Dennise Elefther[...]

why some photographers are more expensive ?

I ve heard this question so many times in my life....Not only about my proffesion but everywhere.In many aspects of our lives. Why this shoes cost more ? why this dress is more expensive ? why this parfume cost double that the other one ? etc etc Actually there is so many elements who can create a "price". If i need to talk about wedding photography and the prices [...]

Alexandra & Konstantinos a wedding in Thessaloniki

That was actually my first wedding for the 2015 in my area and these guys loved the way i'm shoot and capture their wedding day. How i m realise it ?Cause when i design the album and sent it the aprooved it instantly :)The reception was taken place at Porto Palace hotel I really love the wedding digital albums.I trully believe even on digital era that if you give on[...]

Joann & Nickolas...a NJ winter wedding

Actually this is my first wedding i did in 2015....and was the worst winter and the colder one in NY area the last 30 years. So me and my brother was there couple days before the wedding but soon we realize that was so difficult to shot outside with temperature from -20 Celsius at nightime and -3 in day. Anyway thank to our couple and our effort that was one of my g[...]

John & Stefania....the NY wedding

When i had the call from my friend Natali in "jerevele" studio NJ that one of her future brides loved my imagery and they want me as their photographer last October i was so happy and excite cause that will be there again. So i was there a day before and next to Jessica Crespo we start that rainy October morninhg our 12hour commitment to capture Stefania's and John '[...]

wedding in Thessaloniki, Despoina + Dimitris

This wedding was one of my last of 2014.Dimitris and Despoina met me in my studio once before of their wedding and after my presantation and couple hours later they called me to tell me that they want me as their photographer.Of course that made me happy cause this is what the type of couples i want.Couples who really understand and appreciete my style and my wedding [...]

Master photographer

When i submite first time to an international competition 5 years ago never imagine this result. Really a dream come true and i feel so honor and happy that i am achived master degree to wppiwppi.One of the most prestige and the most famous photographic organization of the world.Wppi is based in USA and running succesfully the last 35 years.So to achived a master and[...]