If you are fortunate enough to get a booking with Nik for a photoshoot, do not hesitate. I don’t often use the word “master”, but Nik is a master, hands down. When we first saw his photos online, they were so surreal and perfect, we thought they must be digitally altered. They’re not; he’s just that good. We were so happy to get a booking with him, and the pictures came out better than we dreamed. Nik is compassionate, deeply insightful, fun and light hearted, so he put us at ease, and it shows in our pictures. We got married a few days ago, and we are already trying to find an occasion to hire him for another photoshoot. Thank you so much Nik, for everything! We are eternally grateful to you... - Pamita Sarma

Just received our album and all we can say is WOW! Nik Pekridis was our photographer for our destination wedding in Rhodes Greece. We are from Boston and fell in love with Nik's pictures online. The moments that were captured in our wedding pictures were beyond our expectations and with amazing lighting. Nick even went out the day before to pick out perfect locations and capture different settings from beach to historic to landscape. Our entire family were amazed and convinced that they were out of a magazine! Nik was also kind and spoke both Greek and English. Highly recommend! - Athena Kritharis-Rhodes island wedding

I just wanted to take a minute to truly thank you Natalie, and Nik for the amazing work you both have done for us. I know there was some ups and downs as I'm sure there always is with this process, but at the end of the day, the final product speaks volumes for the quality of work you guys produced for us.
I don't know if I can come up with the words to describe the beauty of our wedding album, the focus and attention to detail we were given from both of you, along with the compassion, kindness and general concern for our happiness. I have never felt such a level of customer service and desire for satisfaction from any company I have ever dealt with, on a corporate and personal level.
Nik, what can I say, you were amazing! Your personality always made us feel at ease, from our first engagement shots and our trip to New York,  to the final wedding shots. All the chaos and all the joy, you always kept us grounded and positive that no matter how stressed or nervous we were, you would take care of us, and you did just that. You are always welcome in our house for espresso and to admire my batman and star wars collection of memorabilia!
Natalie, what else can be said for Je Revele and the way you represent it but absolute professionalism, consideration, appreciation, respect, and overall warmth towards Pauletta and I. When the two of you weren't playing April fools pranks on me, nearly giving me a heart attack, we always enjoyed talking with you, and our time spent in the castle. It was our little home away from home where we could have some delicious coffee and cappuccino, talk about honeymoons and relationships, and spend hours narrowing down what pictures we should keep and which ones you would absolutely not let us eliminate lol. I would be lying if I said I am not experiencing a slight form of postpartum wedding photo depression.
When we do decide to have children, or any special event that requires your level of expertise and eye for beauty with photography, we will be knocking down your door for chocolates, coffee and conversation on the couch in your office. I think I speak for Pauletta and I when I say we are so happy to have met the both of you, blessed to have been able to work with the both of you, and looking forward to working together again one day.
From the bottom of our hearts, truly and deeply,
Thank you.
-Dino and Pauletta.
- Dino & Pauletta

I attended the 3 day Birmingham workshop with Nik Pekridis. Nik took us
from concept to shoot, discussing lighting, composition posing and more.
Nik is great at getting concepts and ideas across and answered any
questions. I feel like I have enough material to practice for a long while
to come and already my photography has jumped to a new level. Training
with the best instructors is the quickest way to get ahead in photography
and Nik is one of the best. - Martin Castein

Nik, I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the wonderful workshop you presented in San Antonio this weekend.  As a professional wedding photographer myself, I came to the workshop expecting to learn new tips and techniques to help my images.  What I came away with, however, was so much more!  Your insights into workflow, marketing and the general business aspects of wedding photography will transform my studio.  I am so excited to see my wedding photography business from an entirely new perspective.  Thank you! I hope to keep in touch and see you when you come this way again.  Stay safe in your travels. Very best regards, Tony - Strictly Art Photography – Tony Gatlin