Of course all of those reflect only our personal opinion and you can get them in serious or laugh 🙂

1)Dear brides…TRUST your photographer when he tells you about hair,make up,venue,wedding dress etc.

You know we did so many weddings all these years and our experience about all of the above can only compare with a very good wedding planner.You will get married “next week” but we do it every week.

2)If you TRUST your photographer and his taste please don’t sent him photos from other wedding photographers.You can describe of course what you like more but you chose him because of what his doing,because of his style.Don’t you think that is wiser to let him do what he/she doing best?

3)Please be very careful about what you are looking for your wedding  from your photographer.Today the wedding photography has many and different styles without this mean that there is the one is better that the other.But to chose that wrong one is like you are going to a restaurant for burger and order a pizza.

4)Even if you choose the best in the world (according to you,his style etc) your wedding photographer will needs at least 3 very important things.

Your co-operation ,nice mood and positive energy.Good quality of light (Its logical that if you get married daytime your photos will be better than 9pm,photography it self as word means “writing with light”)and of course TIME.If you don’t give’m time he can’t get photos.So simple.

5)Plan ahead the wedding day with him.It’s so important to discuss with him the wedding day couple weeks before.His experience will helps you to avoid lots of not wanted surprises.

7)There is no second chance in wedding photography.There is only once in lifetime.So if you want to save some money from the wedding expenses maybe its not so good idea to do it from your wedding photography.Don’t forget that is the only one who will follow for the rest and actually the only one who will get even more value as the time goes by.

8)Maybe you heard many times before…but this one is very serious….There is no hide secrets or fairytales in wedding photography.What you paid is what you get.When you heard a “too good to be true” price be scepticism for this.

9)Don’t ask the technical details (what camera he use,what lens etc) from your photographer.If you happy from what you see that means what ever method and equipments he use that he knows his job.Don’t forget that the equipments of course helps but he is the artist who produce the images.Even if you buy a same like him camera you can’t produce an image like him like if you bough an oven you can’t be  a chef.

10)Today because of the web its easier than ever to compare and found your “best wedding photographer”.Plan ahead and book him immediately after your church-ceremony and venue booking.Don’t forget that he can only book one wedding a day.