Couple months ago i had receive an email from the states NY (New Jersey).It was  an enquiry for wedding in my city,Thessaloniki almost a year after.

After couple emails and talks Ana choose me as her wedding photographer.

It’s sometimes into our carrier with our couples who feel more comfortable ,more friendly and more relax with some couples.Ana & Perry are in this category of couples.We had give a promise to each other for another shooting….at New York next time !!

wedding photographer-011

wedding photographer-001 wedding photographer-002

wedding photographer-005 wedding photographer-003

wedding photographer-004 wedding photographer-008 wedding photographer-006

wedding photographer-009 wedding photographer-010 wedding photographer-007

wedding photographer-012 wedding photographer-013

wedding photographer-014 wedding photographer-015

wedding photographer-018

wedding photographer-021 wedding photographer-022

wedding photographer-024 wedding photographer-020

wedding photographer-026

wedding photographer-027

wedding photographer-029 wedding photographer-030 wedding photographer-031

wedding photographer-033 wedding photographer-032

wedding photographer-034 wedding photographer-037

wedding photographer-038 wedding photographer-042

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