Yes was really a big wedding !!! Dimitris and Maria living in NY and we did their preshoot last Cristmas.

On their wedding day we had a huge stage and cranes and drones and live projector of everything.Up to 200 people worked couple days for set-up and decorate the garden for the wedding day.Seven from my team included myself capture up to 3000 images all day long and i had the pleasure to work with some of the finest on their field like Mike and Yolanda.

Many celebrities was among the guests and we had a really huge party after the Ceremony.Dimitris and Maria was very helpful and relax even that the weather on the wedding day was unstable and rain couple hours before the wedding.

So these are some of the images we took that day and i hope that you understand what i am talking about !!

photopek-01 photopek-01a photopek-02
photopek-03 photopek-04 photopek-05
photopek-06 photopek-07 photopek-07a photopek-09 photopek-10 photopek-11 photopek-12 photopek-13 photopek-14 photopek-15 photopek-16 photopek-17 photopek-18 photopek-19 photopek-20 photopek-21 photopek-22 photopek-23 photopek-24 photopek-25 photopek-26 photopek-54 photopek-56 photopek-57 photopek-58 photopek-59photopek-059aphotopek-027photopek-60photopek-61photopek-62photopek-62aphotopek-63photopek-64photopek-74photopek-75photopek-92