A Bronx wedding is a marvellous occasion made out of dream fabric and I was so happy to contribute to Dalkea and Jay’s most memorable day. As a seasoned New York wedding photographer, I am always looking forward to creating memories that withstand time. In this case, selecting a place filled with nature’s bliss, such as the Botanical Garden in Bronx, constituted the most wonderful inspiration along with the happy couple.

Anticipation for such a glorious upcoming event offers insurmountable happiness and it shows in every fiber of your being. I got the chance to capture these emotions on Dalkea’s face, as she is contemplating what is about to happen. The window in the background allows sheer light to bathe the entire room, creating the perfect canvas.

Everything is ready, neatly organized to the slightest detail. The amazing wedding heels, all dovey-white and chic, the wedding rings that will follow the “I do” declaration from the couple and the distinct aroma of the bride’s favorite fragrance…

The bridesmaids are all ready to accompany Daklea, always by her side. In this picture, dusty pink and white are blended most wonderfully to create an ethereal illusion of colors. Their facial expressions speak louder than words!

The seats at the Botanical Garden in a fairy-like scenery, while the flowery arch has been placed at the very center. This arch will welcome the soon-to-be-married couple along with the person who holds the ceremony.

Finally, the time has come for Daklea and Jay to exchange vows of eternal love and devotion. The arch with white and pink roses, all bloomed and bright, sprinkled on the evergreen nature of the Garden. Just the perfect backdrop for these two lovebirds!

When it’s all said and done, the happy couple offers me the opportunity to depict their emotions in a single frame. Anticipation has turned into fulfillment, the completion of their dream and the beginning of their common life as one. Walking on the same dreamlike path they have carved themselves, eager to see what comes next…Congrats, Daklea and Jay and thank you for choosing me to capture those fine moments for you!