2 Days Super Intensive Workshop in Croatia




Place:Zagreb,Craoatia…hotel will be announce soon.

2 full days of education,inspiration new techniques,ideas,fun ,new friendships,workflow tips,editing,posing and lighting.
Master of wppi and wppAsia Nik Pekridis  will be there to share  learn and teach everything he knows.
Day 1-9.30 registration
10am to 6 pm
Nik will explain about his  motivation  style and philosophy and lots of BTH and how he made award winning images.Also lots of techniqual informations about the photography.
Afternoon we start shooting indoor and outdoor (weather permits) using all kind of lights like off camera flash,continues lights and ambient.Explaining all about composition and colour temperature plus dynamic range.
Day 2: 10am to 6 pm
In Morning time we will keep shoot our models under different light techniques
The students will  have the chance to see and learn by shooting as well.
After lunch we will start the editing in LR and Ps
Workflow,editing techniques ,album design and many more
Bring your laptop and use the same steps to learn some new cool editing ways that no one teach you before.
All days will break 3 times…2 for coffee breaks and once for lunch
15 students max
*not allow to record with camera any part of the teaching
*All payments are not refundable
 500 eur.


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