I am always hyped when I return home to Chalkidiki, so that I can create through my Art. Each Chalkidiki wedding is thrilling, thanks to the marvelous surroundings and the majestic atmosphere. This is where Kyriaki and Dimitris decided to tie the knot, having the time of their life in a never-ending party. The groom is waiting eagerly for the bride to arrive…

And of course, she comes, sparkling with joy. My picture simply highlights her emotions in the most delectable manner.

Dimitris is leading the way and Kyriaki is following on his footsteps. They are both laughing so sincerely and this offers an excellent canvas for me to work on.

The couple is so in love that managed to give me one of the best wedding photos ever. Natural light is blended with contemporary techniques, resulting in timeless photos that will last a lifetime.

Everything is ready for the wedding reception, in an inspiring environment in line with nature’s bliss.

The couple welcomes guests, while they enjoy being married, wearing those magnificent outfits that portray how happy and rejuvenated they feel. It is like they are in absolute balance with Nature and its beauty.

The party has just started. The happy family celebrates this unique moment in time along with loved ones, the rest of the family and friends. It is a blessed time to take photos indeed and as a destination wedding photographer I am happy to report that this gets me every single time…