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eternal Santorini

The last couple of years i m visiting Santorini ! Weddings,engagment sessions and portraits are the most common reasons ,but always i am feeling same way when i 'm facing caldera and the amazing blue of this island !                    

Spirri & Antonis...a Parga wedding !

Parga is one of the greatest destinations in Greece mainland even that is not so famous like other places.   Still every time i have the opportunity to be there and capture a wedding i know that there is a recipe will never let me down. Decoration and flowers was made perfectly by  Helen Georbakali https://www.kiposkalou.gr/,weather w[...]

destination wedding in France.....Sabine & Savio

When my good friend and photographer Johnson Wee introduce me Savio and Sabine in France and told me about their wedding i will never have in my mind this :)))) Such a nice and beautiful couple who make us feel like family on their wedding day. The wedding was in France really close to Paris and we start to realise that will be different from the typica[...]

Yianna & Nikos: Wedding in Chalkidiki

A wedding in Chalkidiki is always a reason to celebrate! With Yianna and Nikos, this was an even more enchanting event for me to attend to. I had the chance to meet the joyous couple, see them up close and create some memories to cherish for a lifetime. As a wedding photographer, it is my job to get inspiration by the love and devotion these people show each other...a[...]

E-Session in Santorini with Grace and Charles

Photography is all about capturing the moment and turning reality into dream-like pictures that will last forever. In this e-session in Santorini with Grace and Charles, I managed to do just that. An idyllic destination for any photographer, but it would not be complete without the couple in love. A splendid place filled with nature's wonders, with the imposing[...]

Happy Valentine's Day

Love makes the world go round. And it is celebrated every day. When you are in love, it shows in your eyes and smile. It shows on your face and nobody can hide it. Below you will find some of the most romantic photos of mine, highlighting the true meaning of love in life. Happy Valentine's Day, people!

Santorini Wedding Memories - Parmita & Mazin

On sunny days like this, I am always reminiscent of Santorini. It is an island filled with a mystical aura. An island that embraces and overwhelms you. Santorini awakens emotions you have never imagined were there. This is unique on its own. Especially when couples like Parmita and Mazin trust Photopek and me on their most wonderful day. This is when I feel blessed to[...]

Are You Ready for One Fab Wedding Day?

How would you describe the perfect wedding day? Is it any day of the year? Does it have to be sunny or a little melancholic and nostalgic? Well, I suppose it all comes down to how each person feels about it. Furthermore, dreams do play an important role. After all, most people have visualized the idyllic scenery for their wedding ceremony and reception. But in any cas[...]

Smiley & John Pre-Wedding in Boston

A fairytale in the making! Taking photos of couples in love is always a pleasure. This is why I consider myself a truly blessed professional, having been involved in wedding photography with such success over the past years. Couples come to me to put their feelings into print. Each picture represents who they are, what they feel at the moment and how much they year[...]

Kyriaki & Dimitris - A Dreamy Chalkidiki Wedding

Summer weddings are always thrilling in Greece. Nature has bloomed and sunshine bathes everything all around you. So when there is a calling about a Chalkidiki wedding, the bar is already high! Especially when it is a lovely couple with the cutest kids, I feel blessed! Below, you will find photos taken from their preparation and ceremony. There are also pictures from [...]