a really different wedding in Corfu !

Yes ....maybe you think that the title is too much but the real story  is really interesting and different. Lisa and Alex start their journey to getting married and travel all over the world and before Greece was in another 61 countries. Yes...that's right they had all ready did married in another 61 countries before Greece.A friend and fellow photographer of mi[...]

My first ever interview in JuneBug Weddings

I am very happy and i feel so honour about my interview in JuneBugWeddings.com The first Greek ever and one of the very few in Europe.That means something i guess. Here is the interview http://junebugweddings.com/wedding-photo-blog/photobug/photographer-spotlight-interview-with-photopek-greece/

Nikos & Pisti wedding…Thessaloniki & Barchelona

When  i met this couple i felt instanly that will have amazing photos on their wedding.And i told them :) Eventually we did the wedding day and then we deside to do an “next day shooting” to Spain,Barchelona couple weeks after the wedding. All was great….weather enviroment and my couple of course….but the worst nightmare became reality.Couple minutes before we [...]

a wedding photography in Santorini island

Yes…last  summer i was visit Santorini couple of times to photograph couple of  weddings and e-sessions. So to be wedding photographer in Santorini special in summertime it's not so easy.The heat ,the sun and the steps not helps to do your job easier but what you get in your camera rewards you ! So funny…all of my life had never been before and the last couple of ye[...]

Evaggelia & Ioannis…”under the mountain of gods”

Litohoro is the closest village under Olympus mountain.The Zeus and all other anchient Greeks gods place.So Ioannis and Evaggelia travel from Germany to get married in Katerini and then getting their reception in Litohoro.We have great fun and we enjoy all day long the shooting !Finally one of my greatest albums of the year created. enjoy ! [...]

a dream wedding in Baku

My second time in Azerbaijan, Baku was second time shocked .The wedding dayand specially the reception was a real “blockbuster”.These guys really do great parties! I loved the traditions the glamourous the concept. the happiness and all the fun on the day. This time was a “Maroquish” theme and all the details was perfectly fit for that .My bride was gorgeous and sh[...]

an e-session at Mykonos island

Yes this year seems that its gonna be busy from e-session all over Greece.Mykonos,Santorini and other  locations where the couples choose for getting their portraits.Enjoy my Mykonos e-session this year!

a wedding in Philadelphia,Ma

I always want to shoot a wedding in Philadelphia.I was to shot a wedding in States actually but when my friend Jerry Tomko invite me last September to get a shoot next to him is his place i was so excite for many reasons.One of the main reasons of course it was about the place.If you never been there you can understand from my images how great and different places you[...]

a wedding photo session in Rome Italy

A wedding photo session (non wedding day) is my favorite  part of the wedding.When that happen in Rome ,Italy its even better. Aggeliki & Dimitris getting married in a small town in mainland Greece late August and actually we get couple images on that day after the ceremony. Check that post https://photopek.com/?p=5233 But when i was in Rome with Jerry Gh[...]