Corfu is a magnificent island of the Ionian Sea and a cherished wedding destination in Greece and the world. This is where Rob and Jules decided to hold their dreamlike wedding and they picked me as their photographer.

Close family and friends are so much fun to be around as you are prepping yourself before the big event. Rob does seem to be having the time of his life, as he is enjoying being pampered!

The stunning wife-to-be, Jules, is just a sight for sore eyes and she has given me some of the finest photographs ever!

Love, laughter and heartfelt words are all it takes and this is what I had the privilege of capturing here in this amazingly genuine photo…

Everything is ready for the wedding ceremony in Corfu. A wonderful setting, allowing me to do my job as a destination wedding photographer even more smoothly.

The happy couple is counting backwards until they are pronounced “husband and wife” and their anticipation shows!

“We’ve finally made it!!!” Sheer accomplishment and bliss!!!

Now it is time for the tradition “post-wedding photographs” or else “moments captured in pictures you will love forever”.

And now, we are on our own… The newlyweds reflect on their wedding and enjoy being united as one…

The wedding reception is just as glorious as the ceremony itself. Family and friends, a party that oozes with that lovely scent of calmness and serenity…Everyone is wishing the best for the couple, health and prosperity!!!

“We did it, my love!” Rob and Jules, thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing moment in time, I wish you nothing but the very best in life!!!