1. Use a moisturizer first. Moisturizer actually reduces the amount of oil your skin produces. If you’re a bride, avoid one with SPF as it will cause you to look shiny in flash photography. That goes for any product you use that day.
  2. Use a primer before your foundation. This will make your foundation stay in place longer.
  3. I always use a little bit of powder over my foundation as well. It reduces shine and holds your foundation in place.
  4. Before putting on eyeshadow, use an eyeshadow primer. This stuff changed my life! I have naturally oily eyelids and the primer stops my eyeshadow from disappearing quickly.
  5. I now use a waterproof liquid eyeliner. I’ve used pencils in the past but then end up looking in the mirror after a long day at a wedding and see it’s halfway across my face….not a good look!
  6. The final step is to use a few pumps of makeup setting spray and I’m golden!

*copy from O’Brien Photo > Blog > Wedding Day Tips