I ve heard this question so many times in my life….Not only about my proffesion but everywhere.In many aspects of our lives.
Why this shoes cost more ? why this dress is more expensive ? why this parfume cost double that the other one ? etc etc
Actually there is so many elements who can create a “price”.
If i need to talk about wedding photography and the prices i can be more specific !!!


There is many things who can actually affect the prices in wedding photography.
Look about your photographer style….is he classical,contemporary,he is shooting more black & whites? storytelling ? elegant or editorial images ?
Usually something which everyone does is cheaper and at the other hand a specific more clear style its more expensive.
What about his background ,experience ?
Its not always a 30year old experience photographer better that a new one.I have seen many experience photographers with bad images instead to some “young guns ” who are fresh and better imagery.


Ask him to demonstrate his full wedding work…
I totally beliave that the wedding photography its very hard if you need to do it nice from start to the end in a wedding day.
The idea is to have an album book who capture the story of the day alongside with the traditions the families the friendship the beauty and the elegance.
Not only one book but take a look of more !!


The products of the photographer giving affect the final price as well.
His achievments among organisations all over the world.Its not only because he spend money for his education and submite his images internationally but also because that prooves his will and his effort to be up to date and improove him self.
Its so easy for someone who already his images look good enough to stop spend his time and money.
I trully believe that any photohrapher who send his images to competitions became better for himself and his couples.


What equipments use? Maybe is not so importand but a new camera with some good lenses proove that this profesional wants the best for his job.


Its also the brand ,name….Its like you spend your money for famous brand to buy a bag or belt ,shoes etc.The photographers have also brand names who is ore expensive than the others.They are more expensive because they invest to this as well.They spend money and time to be leaders on their field.Same happens to hairdresser and make-up artists as well
There is also system who evaluate the photographers with differend deegrees.Like doctors has.So if you see a Craftmanship or a Master deegree next to your photographer name you need to expect that he is more expensive than someone who he is not.


As you already have seen the price of a wedding photographer its more than how much time he spend on your wedding day or how many prints,albums etc givving to you .Its not about how many files you get but what kind and how good they are.
If you spend time and money for your wedding dress….spend the double at least time to found your wedding photographer !!